Youth and Young Adults


There are so many reasons for young people to dance, particularly ballroom, latin, and swing dancing!  It helps to teach many skills that are both desireable and neccessary like compromise, leadership, and etiquette. 


Now you have a great chance to let your child discover the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing! Larinda is offering weekly group classes and private instruction.  Creating a fun, productive and rewarding experience which allows each child to develop and grow individually. No prior dance experience is necessary!


Group Classes

Larinda is a certified professional ballroom teacher trained to work with your child the basics of Partner Dancing in a fun and uplifting group environment. Balance, steps, musicality, posture, body language, eye contact and poise are emphasized among the youth in class from the first day. Learning to dance in a group setting is not only a great confidence builder but a stepping stone towards skills they will use for the rest of their lives.   

Private Lessons

For children that especially interested and motivated private lessons are available.  

Group Classes

Teen Class is for ages 11-18 and runs every Thursday at 6:30pm.


Teen Class Technique, Sundays at 4pm at the Firley YMCA.


Visit the CALENDAR  to double check the dates and times of classes currently running.

Pierre Dulaine speaks

Pierre teaches the art of respect through ballroom dancing in a world of technology, isolation, and human interaction. 

Pierre Dulaine has transformed his life and others through sharing the art of ballroom dancing with the world. His most important challenge hit closer to home — when he decided to return to Jaffa to teach Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children how to “dance with the enemy” in the documentary “Dancing in Jaffa”.

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