Learn to Dance Latin, Ballroom, and Swing


Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective, from the dance floor. My goal is to offer you the easiest way to learn to dance, and more importantly use what you know. With over 30 years of teaching ballroom, latin, and swing I am trained to deliver information quickly and professionally.  I offer three options to choose from... group classes, private lessons, and social dance events so you can walk in today and dance out tonight!

Group Classes

Group dance classes are a perfect way to progress in a fun, relaxed, social environment. From Salsa to Waltz to Swing, we hold group dance classes covering a variety of ballroom dance styles.  Group classes are an efficient method to learn basic step patterns and dance styles in the company of others who share your interest and passion.


No partner required! Group classes are a social experience and we encourage all students to lead and follow with each other.  Not only is it easier to get to know your fellow dancers that way but most importantly it strengthens your leading and following skills.

Private Lessons

With private lessons you receive one on one attention.  The lessons are tailored directly for your individual needs and will move along at your own pace.  

Group lessons are great for learning and socialising, but it can sometimes be difficult to get individual and specific feedback.  As much as teachers try to speak to everyone individually, they have to spend time with the whole of the class, and move at an average class pace, which could be too fast or too slow for you. Private lessons offer the quickest way to learn to dance because you are given immediate and constant personal feedback.   

A Night Out Dancing

Here is where it gets really fun!  Join us as we get together to dance!  Monthly hosted dances as well as get togethers downtown give you an opportunity to use your dancing for some good clean fun.

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